Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Weight Loss Journey

It's that time of year again a person starts thinking about weight  loss - wanting to look better by summer.  I must say, as many, my journey is often up and down.

I decided to start the new Weight Watchers program.  Although I have signed up, I have not followed it the way I should.  Crazy I know, but I need to get myself there.  One of my biggest pitfalls right now is getting my support at home.  Bless my better half, he has been fixing dinner a lot lately, but darn it, they just aren't what I should be eating.  I do try to keep the portions small, but that is not helping with the loss.  The plus side, I have not gained.  I am trying to keep it positive.

I was approached with the opportunity to try a body cleansing product  to review it for my honest opinion.  Boy, that actually happened at just the right time.  When starting a weight loss, you should do body detox, so I said yes to the opportunity.

I took Justified Laboratories Detox Colon & Body Cleanse.  It uses all natural ingredients - YES!  That is a plus for me - I hate taking pills or medication of any kind if I don' have to.  I honestly worried a little about taking it, based on what I had read - some people said that they had to be close to the bathroom.  This was concerning, as I am a teacher.  So, I chose to begin the process on a weekend.

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It suggests taking 1-2 pills daily (3 being the limit) for a length of no more than 7 days.  I took them for 7 days.  I started with 1 pill of the first 3 days.  I did not notice any change, so I decided to take 2 the remains days.  Once I started taking the 2 pills, the only real difference I noticed was improved energy - that is an awesome plus.  I can tend to be lazy, and at the time I was taking these, I wanted to get things done.  As for the bathroom trips - nothing more than normal for me.

All in all, I would say it was a good experience.  I will try it again in the future taking 2 pills all 7 days.  Now back to eating the right stuff and building in some exercise - YUCK!!!

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