Saturday, January 30, 2016

Organizing My Keurig Addiction

Do any of you have a problem with organizing those crazy, odd-shaped K-cups?  

I am so addicted to my Keurig, but hate the messy basket I have been using to keep the K-cups in!  It has been such a hassle trying to dig through the pods to find the coffee/tea that I am looking for at the time.  I decided I would have to tackle this issue - and soon!!!

Introducing my new organization - the Oak Leaf 30 K-cup Carousel.
This little baby has really saved my sanity!!!  Now I can see all my K-cups and quickly select what I need.  
I loved this baby so much, that I also got another one:
This one only holds 24, but now I have enough storage, and have all of my pods handy now.  It's those simple things in life that make you happy.  

On that happy note, I did receive these K-cup holders at a discount for an honest review.  I am very pleased with them, and recommend them to anyone looking to get their Keurig on!!!!

Now I need to focus on other organizing solutions.  I think my next adventure might be how to deal with all my yarn!!!!  Ugh!!!  That one may be tough.  The plastic storage totes just are NOT working!!!!

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