Sunday, March 9, 2014

Oil Pulling Challenge - Day Two

WooHoo!!  Today went much better.  I decided instead of trying to do the full 20 minutes in one sitting, to break it up into two 10 minute segments.  Guess what - I did it!!!!  My gag reflex is not getting the best of me!

I am so excited!!  After I complete the challenge each day, my mouth is feeling so wonderful!!  My teeth feel so smooth, not gritty - I just feel good about the whole thing.  I am so glad that I have taken up this challenge.  To do something positive for myself, I certainly can't go wrong.  If nothing more than the positive thinking, it is well worth it!!  I look forward to seeing if I notice anything further as the week progresses.

One thing I want to try -but will wait until next week is adding the peppermint oil.  I want to test to see if there is any real difference with or without it.  I love peppermint, so I am sure it will be a positive.

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