Sunday, March 9, 2014

Oil Pulling Challenge - Day Two

WooHoo!!  Today went much better.  I decided instead of trying to do the full 20 minutes in one sitting, to break it up into two 10 minute segments.  Guess what - I did it!!!!  My gag reflex is not getting the best of me!

I am so excited!!  After I complete the challenge each day, my mouth is feeling so wonderful!!  My teeth feel so smooth, not gritty - I just feel good about the whole thing.  I am so glad that I have taken up this challenge.  To do something positive for myself, I certainly can't go wrong.  If nothing more than the positive thinking, it is well worth it!!  I look forward to seeing if I notice anything further as the week progresses.

One thing I want to try -but will wait until next week is adding the peppermint oil.  I want to test to see if there is any real difference with or without it.  I love peppermint, so I am sure it will be a positive.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Oil-Pulling Challenge - Day 1

So, did you decide to take the challenge?  I hope you did.  This will be fun if we have more people.

I made my trip to Wal-Mart and bought some unrefined organic coconut oil today.  I didn't realize that it solidified - very interesting.  You learn something new every day!!!!  It also smells quite fabulous - that is if you like coconut - and I do!!

So this should not be too hard, should it?  OK, got my spoonful and proceeded to melt it in my mouth.  Taste was not bad - so far so good!!!  I set my timer and was going about my chores for the morning.  All was going pretty good - - until - - my dreaded gag reflex!!!  My gag reflex is horrible.  I really tried to not think about it; I even tried to adjust my breathing.  It got the best of me!!!

I lasted about 5 minutes.

That was not even half way!!  UGH!!!

So I spit it out (in the trash can.  You don't want to spit down the drain as this stuff will solidify and you will get clogged drains!)  The after taste was not too bad - pretty good actually.  But remember, you need to brush your teeth to finish cleaning.

That was not the end of though.  I decided to try it again a little later.  This time was even worse than the first - only about 2 1/2 minutes!!!  What am I gonna do????

I am not giving in.  I am going to keep going - try again tomorrow.  So until then - see ya later!!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Oil Pulling Challenge: Non-craft related!!

OK, so blog hopping today I ran across an interesting post about an Oil Pulling Challenge - this caught my attention!  What is this all about?  What is it for?

Well, according to what I have looked at, Oil Pulling is a way to remove toxins, in this case from the mouth - and of course our mouth is one area of our bodies that is loaded with bacteria.  So, doesn't it make sense to pull the toxins from your mouth?

To do this, a person is supposed to put a spoonful of cold-pressed oil in their mouth and swish it around for 15-20 minutes & then spit it out.  Yeah, you read that right!!! - 15 - 20 minutes!!!  That does sound quite icky!  From what I can gather, many people use coconut oil, and it is said that this oil isn't as bad tasting as it seems.  No, it does not taste like coconuts necessarily, but isn't as gross as we think oil should be.  No matter, after you swish and spit, you need to brush your teeth just like you normally do to clean your mouth.  This removes any lingering bacteria.  Don't forget to brush your tongue as well.

I know, you're still thinking that swishing oil is just simply disgusting!!!  You will have that greasy feeling in your mouth - all over your teeth and tongue.  Many posts I have read say this is not the case, but I will have to be the judge of that for myself.  Yes, I am a sucker and will try most anything!!!

So, what am I expecting to gain from this?  Besides the fact that they say toxins will be removed (and removing toxins fights off all those bugs we pass around), there are other reported benefits; and again, I will have to see just what it does for me.  Some of those reported benefits include a cleaner mouth (because the oil picks up the bacteria), whiter teeth, reducing plaque - even helping to stop any decay (some say rebuilding the structure).  There are even reports that it helps with migraines and other aches and pains.

Now, I have also seen where people say it is an urban legend - but basically that article said there is not real scientific proof.  Well in my opinion, everything starts without real proof, so why not test it.  I did not see anywhere that this was harmful in any way.  Heck, we are supposed to take in so much oil each day anyway.  However, in saying that, you do not want to swallow what you are swishing, or you are just counteracting the benefits of doing it in the first place.

Now for the challenge:  Sara @ My Messy Life is beginning the challenge tomorrow, March 8, 2014.  It will run for one week.  She is asking that you comment on her post here - Oil Pulling Challenge - or on one of her social media sites.  You may use the hashtag #OilPullingChallenge so she can see what you are doing & how you are progressing.

Let's all be honest with this.  I am anxious to see if there is any truth to the benefits.